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At Axon, we have a strong track record of helping organisations to procure suppliers at tender and selection through contracting and award.  


We design and deliver behavioural assessments of potential suppliers as part of the procurement process from ITT through leadership assessments and behavioural workshops to help organisations select the right supply chain partners.  


We work with internal teams and their supply chain to understand how well they are working together post-contract, what needs to improve and support action planning to enhance collaborative working and effective delivery.  


We also design and run surveys to monitor progress through the lifecycle of programmes, supported with team interventions.   This can be through bespoke behavioural assessments, coaching and team effectiveness sessions and surveys.  We help teams work more closely and support different organisations to work together more effectively.  

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Design and deliver bespoke behavioural assessments for:


  • Clients assessing suppliers as part of a procurement process

  • Suppliers in preparation for a tender process (including coaching)

  • Organisations who need to understand current behaviours of teams

This can include (but not limited to):

Behavioural Workshops – looking at how individuals and teams work together through a number of interactive exercises.


Behavioural Interviews – looking at how teams work together, organisational culture, values and fit through in-depth behavioural analysis


Supplier Visits – comprehensive visits to understand a suppliers’ culture, values and ways of working.


We also provide significant support to clients and suppliers post contract.  See our Team Effectiveness page for more detail.

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