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Innovative assessments to find the right people

Getting the right person in the right role saves time and money and increases your organisation's productivity.

How do we do it?

What else do we offer?

Assessment design

We can design any type of assessment for your company, from interview toolkits to large-scale assessment centres.


Assessment delivery

As well as designing the assessments, our business psychologists can also deliver one-to-one assessments and assessment centres of any size.


Executive profiling 

Our business psychologists have many years of experience and expertise assessing at the senior and executive level. Our approach provides an in-depth profile of the individual’s motivation and aspirations, strengths, areas of development, as well as the types of roles and environment they are best suited to.

Bespoke psychometrics  

We can recommend and supply ‘off-the-shelf’ psychometrics, but are also able to develop bespoke psychometrics specifically for your organisation.


Organisation-wide assessment architecture

We can create an assessment framework outlining the right assessments to use across your organisation to help select the right people. We will develop a highly robust assessment approach at each level to ensure you assess consistently and effectively when hiring and promoting people across the organisation.

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Training your people to become experts in assessment

Interview and Assessment Training

  •  Training your people to evaluate assessments accurately

  •  Conducting interviews and assessment centres including:

  •  Group exercises

  •  Role plays

  •  Presentations

  •  Integrating psychometrics with observed exercises

Design assessments like a psychologist

Assessment Design Training

We will take you through all stages of assessment design from:

  •  Insightful job analysis

  •  Creating an accurate person specification

  •  Designing robust and valid exercises

  •  Designing rating forms to make the right decisions

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